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Our Story

What started as need to make a nice getaway home in the hills of Uttrakhand become our passion to grow into something better. We as a family have always been about quality over quantity – The Air of the Uttarakhand hills has helped many in our family recover both mentally and physically over the our family has fallen in love with these hills our real life experiances have helped us value these beutiful space which we have re invented into a new and morden approach. Built by luxury hills and desgiend by mindmydesign we have belive the exerpaince of living a life a day at a time is the key to our sucess.

We are designers and chefs by passion and Hoteliers by choice. Our Homestay story started as an Airbnb project in our lovely house in Delhi. We loved to meet and host people and create spaces that just become part of the journey.

Our Team

Aditya Bajaj

Founder, TreeLeaf Hotels

Bhowali , Nainital

Aditya Bajaj our founder is British Born Indian who returned to India after living in London for 17 years. He wanted to travel and see his own country from corner to corner. He loved the experience so much that he decided to stay and create a small world of his own.

Kavita Bajaj

Manager, TreeLeaf Delhi Homestay

Greater Kailash 1 New Delhi

Kavita is the heart of the homestays business In New Delhi. After working for Japanese companies like Yamaha and she decided to join her husband in managing the tree leaf back offices. She drives our inspiration with her fantastic basil chai and cookie monster recipes.


Manager, TreeLeaf Hotels

Bhowali , Nainital

Young, happy and optimistic Mr. Toj Bhadur commonly known as Ramu is a great personality and asset to the TreeLeaf Group his outstanding performance and need to ever grow has helped him lead the Bhowali Spaces at a managerial level.

Meetu Koli

Creative Designer, TreeLeaf Hotels

Bhowali , Nainital

In house designer and part of the core team at mindmyweb.com, Meetu works closely with Aditya to research and digitalize the designs around us. He Also manages the marketing and development teams in our Delhi office.

Building Our First Luxury Homestay

Treeleaf, one of our Luxury homestay cottage was the results of 2 years pre-design and visualization that went into converting an old family cottage into a modern marvel right on the Shamkhet Valley. The team at mindmydesign started small by first setting up the 6 stunning homestays in Greater Kailash New Delhi that allowed them to fail early and learn to improve. We smaller clock design before we approached the stunning master peace at Tree Leaf Homestay Bhowali and we did a lot of contemporary woodwork before we got the colors schemes bang on.

Along the way we learnt that New Delhi was not a great place to stay in the water and air pollution added to madness of the metropolitan life, so we began rethinking how we design. We learnt about plants and how much energy they add to a place. We then started to design with green in mind.

Being a technologist and a traveler, Aditya wanted design that can help him get the best of both worlds we integrated green more than ever before. We put combined experiences and around 5 years we have learnt to create a space that will flow through you right from the moment you place your eyes on it. At Treeleaf hotels we are creating experiences with travel that will help you relax as well as enjoy our spaces with peace of mind.

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