Tree Leaf Luxury Cottages
Bhowali, Nainital

Welcome to treeleaf homestays we are changeing the landscape of travel by creating meaningful experiences with the feeling of home at mind. What started in 2017 as Homestay experiment has now grown into something more. We are creating a series of luxury homestays, Hotels and Brands that offer more than just great value for money. Come experience the hills of Nainital, Uttarakhand with us in our first fully operation designer cottage space at treeleaf homestays.

For Bookings : Call Aditya Bajaj @ 9873553503

Explore Our Rooms with Tree Leaf Homestays, Bhowali, Nainital

Key Hightlights in Staying with us


We want to take the hassle out of traveling to the hills, so we are making it easy. We offer free picks ups and drops from Kat Gudam Train station Haldwani for guests booking for 2 nights or longer


Our experiences are focused at mixing technology with nature which is why the tree leaf team works extra hard to ensure travelers have the best internet possible in a Hillside destination like Bhowali. We provide 2 -4 Mbps Mobile WIFI which is backed up by MTNL Landline

Fully Furnished Apartments

Designed by the talented team at mindmydesign New Delhi Tree leaf hotels adopts a modern approach to architecture and design. We pride ourselves in creating wow space that you will simply love.

Green Living

Green Living is at the heart of our existence . The treeleaf family farms over 1000 succulents per year. Our apartments in Bhowali also have herb gardens with over 15 varieties of fresh herbs that grow there. After all there is no better experience than good clean air and some fresh food.

Why Choose Us

    Homestays are the furtue of travel. They allow you to connect with the locals and build relationships that last a lifetime at treeleaf we build the experiance around travel our home stays are designed to give you the perfect getaway with the comfort of home.
  • Designer Cottages
  • With over 10 years of hosting experience
  • Strategic locations
  • Safty Cameras
  • 150 Liter hot water
  • Generator Power + invertor backups

Tree Leaf Gallery

Tree Leaf Luxury Cottages Bhowali
Tree Leaf Luxury Cottages Shyamkhet Bhowali
Tree Leaf Luxury Cottages Shyamkhet Bhowali
Tree Leaf Luxury Cottages Shyamkhet Bhowali
Tree Leaf 1 Luxury Cottages Shyamkhet Bhowali

Hotel Tree Leaf Coming Soon

Our Hotel is under construction. We'll be here soon with our awesome site